From this page you will find information of shuffle classes in Vantaa and Hyvinkää. Welcome!

Jenna Shuffler

Jenna Lintu

Hello, it is me, Jenna behind the site. My own background in shuffle started in the fall of 2020. I started by attending shuffle classes at the wonderful Jennie Kari's. That's where the enthusiasm started and after that I started dancing at home every day. Already in the spring of 2021, I was offered the first opportunity to try teaching shuffle.

Liis Teppan and I started growing the Shuffle community in Finland in the summer of 2021, and that's how Shuffle Dance Finland started. Shuffle has brought a lot of content to my own life, both in work and dancing. And what's best: I've made a lot of new friends from Finland and the world as an adult! Shufflers around the world welcome other dancers into their community with open arms!

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  • Demonstration

    Shuffle is a fast-paced street dance where the focus is on different steps without forgetting the hands. Shuffle originates from the 1980s in Australia, it has traditionally been danced at festivals and clubs. In recent years, shuffle has come to the fore on social media, and now you can also practice shuffle in dance classes. Shuffle is mostly danced to EDM, house and techno music.

  • Community

    In Finland, shuffle has become popular in recent years. There are already a lot of dancers, enthusiasts and teachers! The community is tight and supportive, welcome!

  • Interest

    Shuffle lessons are offered in several cities. However, most dance schools can be found in the capital region. Online courses can be found in my online store and you can start training at home anytime! We also organize meet-ups where everyone is welcome to dance!

Shuffle choreography tutorial video in Finnish (Youtube)