The teachers


Jenna has been dancing the shuffle since 2020. She fell in love with the dance style right away and practiced almost every day. Jenna has been teaching shuffle since 2021. Jenna has also been to battles abroad and regularly trains herself at workshops.
Jenna has a dance background from breakdancing from her youth and several years of formation skating. The best thing about shuffle is the constant development and tight shuffle community!
In Jenna's classes, she is allowed to mess around and laugh at herself, she often has her legs in knots herself, but practice makes perfect!



Anina tried shuffle dancing for the first time in 2019, and it was love at first sight. In shuffle, he fell in love with the speed and technical challenge of the sport.
Anina directed Shuffletans starting in autumn 2021 in different places in the capital region. He is also a member of the performing Shuffle dance group.
In her classes, Anina wants to offer students a comfortable, relaxed and safe environment for learning dance. In Anina's classes, you can learn new things, experience feelings of success and above all have fun, and forget all everyday things for a while.


Roosa started the reggaetón hobby in 2007 and has been dancing street dances ever since, already for more than 15 years. As a teacher, he takes everyone into account as an individual and wants all students to find the joy of dance through movement and music.
The focus of the sport is the various reggaetón techniques and sheikkas of the pelvis and thoracic spine. The choreographies are moving and captivating.
With Roosa's fast-paced and energetic classes, you can really sweat and dance in your own style. Come and have fun and get strength from dancing!


Emmi tried twerking for the first time in 2017. The sport took off and in 2021 directing also came into the picture. The most important thing for Emmi is that everyone can come to her classes exactly as they are, and during the classes we have fun together, learn new things and experience successes!

Heels, Commercial

Diana has participated in various forms of exercise since the age of three. He has a 15-year figure skating career and has practiced acrobatics, ballet and athletics alongside his career.
Diana started dancing after her skating career and soon found Heels and Commercial. He has developed his own style of dancing Heels and Commercial and choreographing them. In his classes, he teaches you to express yourself even more and wants you to have a good time and learn something new.
Diana's Heels style is crazy and thoughtful, and her classes always have a spicy surprise!
Commercial classes include a lot of feeling good and performing. Your self-confidence will increase through dance, especially in Diana's classes!

Hip hop

Masi has been dancing since 1998 and has won 19 Finnish championships in many different sports and the boogie woogie world championship in 2021. Masi Saurén has been chosen as the dance athlete of the year in 2022 .
Masi is a real dancer and Hip Hop is one of his favorite genres.
Masi's classes have an energetic and positive atmosphere. And the classes are always fun and sweaty!


Lina started dancing as a child and has been dancing dancehall since 2015.
He has actively taken lessons from Jamaican teachers, competed, performed in the background of artists and led his own dancehall training group.
Lina wants to offer the best to her students, and the lessons aim to challenge herself. Dancing always starts with a thorough warm-up, and after that we focus on different moves and movement languages. The classes are energetic and fast-paced, with a lot of repetition. The class follows the rules of a safe space.