frequently asked

What level of class can I attend?

Shuffle is a technical sport and that's why we hold classes of different levels. If you are coming to a shuffle class for the first time, definitely choose the beginner course!

In the beginner's course, we practice the basic steps to get fit, and after this it is easier to participate in other classes.

In the beginner's advanced lessons, more steps are practiced and the tempo of the music is slightly increased from the beginner's course upwards. In Shuffle, the difficulty level can be increased by increasing the tempo of the music.

The classes of the advanced group are intended for those who have enjoyed shuffle for 6-12 months, and in these classes we make choreographies and increase the tempo of the music according to the skill level of the group.


Can my child participate in the beginners course?

If your child can't find their own class, children can participate in the beginner shuffle courses with a parent. However, the teaching of elementary courses is aimed at adults.


Can I pay with exercise vouchers/benefits?

You can pay for Hyvinkää's shuffle courses and lessons with exercise vouchers when you buy the courses from Studio Wilda's online store.

Unfortunately, Vantaa's shuffle courses cannot currently be paid for with sports benefits.