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Shuffle Bubble



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Shuffletanssin workshopit Vantaalla Myyrmäessä!

Shufflen workshopit lauantaina 7.10 13:00-14:30
sekä sunnuntaina 8.10.2023 klo 12:00-13:30 osoitteessa Myyrmäentie 4 A, 01600 Vantaa.   

Voit osallistua molemmille workshopeille peräkkäisinä päivinä hintaan 45,00€

Ilmoittautumisen jälkeen tulet saamaan vahvistuksen sähköpostiisi.

Ohjaajana toimii Anina Luumi ja Jenna Lintu.

Tarvitset mukaan sisälenkkarit, jotka on mukavat jalassa ja vesipullon.

Lämpimästi tervetuloa mukaan!


Since there are limited places for the course, registration is binding.

Shuffle Vantaa 14 April 2023



Registration and payments

Course registrations are binding. You can register for the courses by email or buy the course directly from the online store. If you choose an invoice as the payment method, you agree to pay it by the due date. Our invoices are collectable.

However, with a medical certificate, you can postpone your participation in the course to the next month. In such a case, you are in contact with us by e-mail.

Age limit

Our teaching is aimed at adults, however those over 15 can participate in the courses. Younger children can participate with an adult.


Filming in classes

In dance lessons, students are allowed to photograph themselves for private use. We care about your privacy and during classes we always ask everyone if there is someone in the class who does not want to be seen in another's video. If you don't want to appear in the videos, please tell us when we ask! This way we can make sure that no one appears in the videos against their will.

We may also shoot videos for our own advertising use during the classes, and we always ask permission separately for this.

Substitution of lessons

If you fall ill in the middle of the course and have to be absent once, please notify us within a week. If you wish, it is possible to make up for the absence once with another class. Compensation hours are always considered on a case-by-case basis. Replacement lessons can be in Myyrmäki, Korso or Hyvinkää.

Cancellation of courses

We reserve the right to cancel the course/workshop if the minimum number of participants is not met. We will notify you of the cancellation no later than the day before. In such a case, we will return the payment to the customer in full.


The dance studio is not responsible for items left in the dressing rooms. You can take your personal belongings with you to the ballroom side.

The students are not insured on our behalf.

We do not accept any kind of bullying or discrimination in classes.

Shuffle Dance Finland Oy


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